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Shametria dealt with transition her whole life. She is from a small town in the country

called Garwood Texas. She was raised by her grandmother, aunts, sister, friends of the family, and whoever else would take her in throughout different parts of her life. Shametria had to overcome poverty, a very public gang rape, getting struck by an expedition and losing her hopes for a division one scholarship, dating violence, homelessness and an unwanted pregnancy all before she turned 17. By the time she was 17 she had attended 13 different schools, and lived in at least 20 different households. It was her senior year in high school and she was going to school in the daytime, playing sports in the evening, and at the strip club by 9pm. At that time there're either 2 routes she could have taken. One become a popular stripper, or two graduate high school and be a student athlete in college. At 18 she was making about 5k a week dancing so that was looking like the route she wanted to take until she realized it came with a price.



One night while at the club she was drugged and passed out. She woke up not knowing

what happened, where she was, or why things like that kept reoccurring. That day Shametria received a call from her mom. That was strange because she had not heard from her mom in over 3 year. Turns out her coach reached out to her mom and asked if  she could convince  Shametria to come to her graduation ceremony and go to college. Turns out Shametria had been offered 3 scholarships, but her coach could not get her to pick up the phone. With him not knowing what to do to get a hold of Shametria, he decided to get in touch with her mom! Shametria mom told her she would be released from jail in one month, and she would take in Shametria's baby if she decided to go to college. Based on what had just happened to her the night before in the club Shametria felt it was a sign from God. Shametria took her mother up on the offer and started her journey in New Orleans La. 2 weeks later Shametria set off to attended Southern University at New Orleans and played volleyball and basketball while pursuing a degree in business management.


It would seem like everything would be great from there on out, but like her high school

years, Shametria was faced with many problems dealing with domestic violence, and triggers from past traumas. If there was not chaos in her life somehow she would create it. She had no idea how or why her life was like a magnet to violence and traumatic events. One day she had enough and took 16 pills to stop the pain. In that moment she thought life was over. Needless to say she woke up in a hospital bed with no one by her side. That was the shift she needed in order to change her life. She realized she could not escape life, and started to research everything she could on self-development, mindfulness, how to heal from past traumas, and how to help other do the same. It was working for a while but without any intervention or healing methods put in place it didn’t last long.

Shametria was listening to 5 podcast a day on self-development, reading a book a month,

praying, going to conferences, seminars, and even had a job in real-estate and a new boyfriend.

The only problem was Shametria’s boyfriend was very verbally abusive and after he punched her

the 1st time it just kept getting worse and worse. This went on for a year until Shametria’s

boyfriend pulled a gun out on her in front of her children. That’s when she decided to finally call

the cops. Once the cops got there she was given an item number and at the bottom of the paper

was a number to call for resources. She called that number and that was the start to her life she

knows and lives now. She shares her stories as testimonies of how she overcame adversities, and

past traumas through service, self-love, motivation, allocating resources, and alternative healing

activates. Her favorite saying is, “It’s not that I did it so you can do it! The new saying should be,

because I did it you can see what’s possible".


Shametria is now a transnational speaker who helps Women and Children to

redevelop themselves after dealing with trauma. Before starting her own business Spiritually

Connected, Shametria worked as a Rape Prevention Educator for the New Orleans Family

Justice Center, Became a facilitator for the Teen Sex and the Law program for the Children's

Advocacy Center, A Medical Advocate for University Hospital assisting victims of sexual

assault, and co-authored a book with her 9 year old daughter in order to raise awareness on the

effects of childhood trauma, titled The Reflection Eyes See. After a successful career in being an

educator, presenter, and activist, Shametria now uses her story as a platform to inspire others.

She spent her entire 20s going to conferences, volunteering, reading books, and finding the best

mentors in order to help her redevelop herself. Now she uses all the knowledge and wisdom she

obtained from mentors and survivors over the years in order to put on workshops and

presentations to inspire her audience to move into massive action, and change. She believes the

only way to change the world is to first change yourself. Her passion and purpose in life is to

make sure not one survivor feels alone or unworthy of a safe and healthy relationship